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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my gas log remote not working?

For gas logs in an open fireplace the handheld remote and receiver box that sits outside the hearth have batteries. We suggest changing out both of them as it is a common reason for remote problems. The handheld will take A13 and the reciever will need 4 AA batteries. To change the batteries in the reciever box replace them one at time and press the remote in-between changes to ensure it stays connected.

Another common issue could be your pilot light is out. It must be re-lighted for the remote to function.

How do I change the batteries for my open gas log remote and receiver?

The handheld will take an A13 and the reciever will need four AA batteries.

To change the batteries in the receiver box replace them one at time to ensure it stays connected. The hand held remote has one battery to replace. Simply switch out the old battery for a new one.

I changed out the batteries but my remote is still having issues.

We recommend that the batteries be changed and ensure that the batteries are good. From time to time you can have a bad batch of batteries so make sure the batteries used to replace your old ones are working. If you are certain batteries are not the issue your pilot light might be out. Please refer to how to relight my pilot.

My remote is not working and the batteries in both the remote and receiver have been changed.

It could be that your pilot light has either blown out , or if the gas was turned off at the key and the pilot no longer had gas supply so it is shut off.

Do I need to open my damper while burning the logs?

Yes ! Your damper must be open while you are burning wood or gas logs in your fireplace. The only exception to this is if you have vent-free gas logs.

Is it normal for gas logs to collect soot?

Yes , it is normal for gas logs accumulate a small amount of soot over time.

There are a couple ways to clean them:

1- Use approved gas log cleaner and a small bristle brush.

If you use this method you will only use the brush when the logs are completely cool to avoid injury. To use the spray cleaner you will heat the logs according to the directions and spray once you have turned off the fire.

2- For other particles that may have accumulated you can used canned air to clean the logs while they are cool and the fire is not on.

3- We offer cleaning services and plans.